Classroom Blog Part 3 of 10 – Getting started

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Well congratulation to all of those who have now signed up for the blog through email notification.  I’m hoping this means a few of you have followed the process through and created an account on WordPress.  I suppose, this is where the fun begins!  This is where you get to share your ideas and concepts in your own individualised unique ways.  This is where you get to share the amazing work each of you are doing or just use the blog platform as a way of sharing what exciting things you have been up to of late.  or even just use it as a soap box to shout to the world what you are thinking or feeling.  How ever you decide to use it the fun is in the creation.  You may decide to have multiple blogs and use it for all of the above.

Getting Started

The very first thing you need to do now is create a post.  A post is basically another term for blog or diary entry.  You do this simply by opening the drop down menu for posts in the tool bar down the left hand side.  Click on the link that says new post.  A new screen should open that looks a little like an email box.  In the text box underneath the drawing pin and the words Edit Post put the title of your blog.  To make it even easier it even has the words Enter Title Here.  Once you have entered a title have a look at the tool bar above the big box where you actually write your blog.  The first icon in a capital B.  If you hover your cursor arrow over it, it will reveal what the button does.  Most of the commands are generic to all word processing programs.  The first button to use is the one of the far right (show/hide kitchen sink) this will reveal a number of extra editing functions.  The next thing to do is write some content and that is down to you.


Find the publishing box on your page.  It should be in the left hand column.  it will have the buttons ‘Save Draft’, ‘Preview’ and in blue ‘Publish’.  DO NOT PUBLISH YET.  Before you hit the publish button have a little look at the edit options.  The key one is the visibility.  I don’t really know what you have put in your blog.  But are you ready to show it to the world just yet.  I tend to save it as a draft a few times first and keep re visiting it.  Even then, as you’ll probably have noticed, one or two little errors sneak through!  Another nice thing to do is have a quick look at the preview.  this will show you what the final product will look like when it hits the web.

Creating an avatar

OK basically an avatar is the little picture of yourself or whatever you decide it to be.  This is the picture people will see when they view your profile but also the little picture that will appear when you leave a comment on someone else’s post. So choose carefully!  I am going to try to make a short video of how to do this, however I’m not sure the process will be the same as I have already done it.  Please, if this doesn’t work can you leave comments about how you did it so other people can follow your steps.

Key Term Definition

Vloging: vloging or in its extended term is basically blogging but using video.  There are loads of really good example of vloging.  I have added a couple to this weeks list of examples. Vlogs can be up loaded to a platform like youtube and then embed in a regular blog.  Most computers these days have a built in webcam so making a short video is fairly simple.

Question of The Week

What would you like to know about adding next?  Is there something you have seen that you want to add to your blog?

Examples Of Blogs


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